DmC (Devil May Cry)
Release Date: Jan 15, 2013
Genre: Action/Adventure
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Ninja Theory




I just played the new Devil May Cry, which is a remake, the story has changed, however the game play and fun has not. As a gamer I don’t like when a game is revamped, especially when it’s a great game franchise, and also when the franchise never really ended. I hate to like this game because I really want an ending to come at some point. However with all my fear and hate, I loved, loved, and loved this game. The action is fast paced, the environments are beautiful filled with color and energy, the characters smart and very engaging which makes the player feel for them, and mix that all together with a great story you can’t lose.

Ninja Theory and Capcom gets a 10 out of 10. So first off, DmC has mixed up the game play with the weapons you use; each has its own special ability which may or may not affect the enemy you are fighting. Also like the first Devil May Cry series DmC gives you crazy combos to use, but weapons are not only used on your enemies they are also used on the environment itself. The weapons you receive help you to jump monstrous holes and make pathways. Not to give too much away but whomever’s idea it was to make Limbo out of the real world is simply amazing. The environment already looks wonderful and then to see it change into something twisted yet still awesome is too much. As for the characters themselves they are on point, you feel for them and they look amazing, plus the voice acting was great which makes the story unbelievable.
If you liked the story of the first series you will love this one. It mirrors the first in many ways, but the changes the story does have makes for a greater game. For example, Dante and Virgil are half demon half angel while in the original the two brothers are half demon half human, but it’s the little changes like this which make the game feel different yet still the same.
However, the butt kicking, foul mouth, narcissistic attitude that Dante had in the original is still alive and well. So if you like action adventure games do yourself a favor and buy this game. Also to Capcom and Ninja Theory; I can’t wait for the next amazing chapter in the DmC series. So until next time never stop playing!!!
Korey Blaylock


Cooking Mama – Nintendo DS
Chefville – Internet
Cook or be Cooked! – Nintendo Wii
What’s Cooking? with Jamie Oliver – Nintendo DS

Hello again; this time around I will be talking about cooking games. Let me just say I really don’t have a taste for cooking games (get it? taste! never mind), but I was asked what I think about them. I don’t like to give my opinion on games I haven’t played, so I played a few. The first game was Cooking Mama on the Nintendo DS.

Cooking Mama has a very Hello Kitty look to it, however Cooking Mama was just a game to play to pass the time. If you are looking for a game to teach you how to cook, Cooking Mama is not the game for you. Most of the time you’re just waving your styling pen frantically over the screen. After Cooking Mama, I moved on to Iron Chief America which is a very funny looking game and I am not talking funny ha-ha.

You cut, chop, dice, boil, and a handful of other things but everything is set for you to just copy and paste, I didn't feel like I was cooking at all.

I was just waving my Wii controller around. Plus a bodyless head giving you fun facts about the food you’re cooking is freaky. I would have to pass on this dish. Now on to Chefville which is just a point and click Facebook game somewhat like Farmville, sorry, it’s really just like Farmville just in a restaurant, so don’t think your going to learn anything about cooking.

Chefville is just another social media game. I will say this: if you like Farmville you will like Chefville, but if you invite a lot of friends to your game, it will slow down. Sorry! Moving on to What’s Cooking? with Jamie Oliver.

My first thought was no better than Cooking Mama. WRONG!!! This game is very well done, you basically do everything you do in the kitchen but it’s a hand held with very little talking. This game is for you if you don’t want a game talking at you while you play. All I have to say is Jamie Oliver with the Nintendo DS is an amazing way to go. Now for the last dish, Food Network’s Cook or be cooked!

I was hoping a cooking game backed by the Food Network would be amazing, and I was right! You have a real looking kitchen and you do everything from turning on the stove to boiling the water. I love the fact that you can speed up the time on boring parts. Plus playing on the Wii you really feel like your cooking. Also with two judges talking to you; you never feel alone. I pick this game as my cooking favorite. I have to go now as I’m starting to get hungry. So until next time never stop playing.
By: Korey Blaylock



Video Game Consoles

I was talking to a friend about video game consoles and I just had to share the conversation with you the reader. It started off with the two of us talking about the Wii-U; I couldn’t help but hope that Nintendo will step their game up (Really!!!).

I understand the Wii was very cool when it first showed up on the scene, but the Wii doesn’t offer what true gamers want most of the time. There was no real deep game selection; I could only remember a few games like Zelda, Mad World, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, and House of the Dead Overkill giving me a fun gaming experience.

I understand Nintendo wanting to be a console for the whole family to enjoy but Nintendo forgot about the hardcore gamer that likes great graphics, high resolution, and adult content. I hope with the Wii-U this problem will be fixed. Don’t get me wrong, I like Mario, but how many times can Nintendo make a spin-off game with his name. I know some people will buy a Wii-U for nostalgia sake but will not buy any games because it will look better on the PS3 or XBOX 360 due to their resolution. One last thing to say about the Wii-U:  I hope Nintendo is not just integrating tablet technology just because it is a hot thing right now. The Wii-U controller looks a little funny and really big, it would be a waste if your controller has a screen on it and it really doesn’t do anything. Nintendo please prove me wrong and make the Wii-U amazing with great games that are engaging, great graphics with HD resolution, and titles for everyone not just aimed for children (if I see another Pokemon game, so help me God!!!). Enough with Nintendo it is Sony Playstation’s and Microsoft XBOX 360’s turn.

I have been behind Playstation and XBOX from the beginning, they are great consoles and each time Sony and Microsoft release a new console some things change some good and some bad. The good things that come with new consoles are better graphics and more disc space upgrading from DVD to Blue-Ray getting us closer and closer to playing video games with our mind (Ha!). No, really, with every new console we are getting closer and closer to realistic looking games; but with the good come a whole lot of bad, like Down Loadable Content (DLC) and downloadable games. The reason DLC’s rub me the wrong way is because I feel that the gamer shouldn’t have to pay more for what should be in the game already. DLC’s feel like a little bit of a cop-out, but that’s just me. It’s like going to the movies sitting in your seat eating your popcorn watching the show and 45 minutes into it the screen says the rest of the movie will be ready in 6 days and cost you another 10 bucks, and that’s not right. As for downloadable games, I really don’t have a big beef with them I just wish I can have a hard copy. I know that downloadable games are cheaper because the game companies do not have to put the game on a disc so I will let it go. I hate that I have to rant and rave but all I want to have is an amazing game console that lets me play as long as I want without my game freezing, hearing a fan buzzing, without the fear of the ring of death, or yellow light. If you do not know what I am talking about,  you are lucky. Also, bring back memory cards because I like to use my data or saved game info at any friend’s house with the same console without fear of messing up their console. Just make a console that is easy to use and will not break down in the middle of a game and make it easy to play game data that can work on anyone’s console that is the same. One last thing that I have heard but I hope doesn’t happen is that with the new consoles that are coming out will only play games assigned to the console that plays the game first, it’s called “game blocking”( I think not sure, Sorry). Which means your new console must be on the web and NO MORE USED GAMES!!! For example, say you buy yourself a brand new game, you go home and play, it’s everything you wanted in a game, then you tell your friend about it and he wants you to bring the game over to play it at his house with you. This goes on everyday but not with the new consoles if they do this, your friend would have to buy his own copy if he wants to play it at his house, which sucks for gamers that like to play with other gamers without the inter-web. This may not come to a head, just something I have read, but if it does happen gamers may become real picky about the games they buy which will bring down game companies profits. Also, if this happens it could kill gaming as we know it, gamers may stop playing video games altogether so keep your fingers crossed and hope that doesn’t happen. Now for a quick recap. Better consoles that don’t break down, the ability to play or share your data, make everything in a console have a point, no more paying for DLCs, and make hard copies an option for downloadable games. So until next time never stop playing.


By: Korey Blaylock


Release Date: Aug 24, 2010
Genre: Action
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Klei Entertainment





I have just downloaded a great game off of the Playstation Network which goes by the name of Shank. Shank is an amazing classic 2D side-scrolling action game with a story that seems to come straight out of an 1980’s crime movie; you play as Shank (yes, the character is named after a prison weapon) a tuff loner that must take revenge for the murder of his woman by destroying a team of assassins, hitmen, drug lords, or whatever, but who cares who or what they are, the game is fun even with a simple story. However, Shank truly shines with the artwork and somewhat smooth game play.


When I was playing Shank it reminded me of an even more amazing Contra but better; Shank uses knives, bats, guns, grenades, and much more. Klei Entertainment has done a great job with this game even though it is a 2D game with a little control issues at times.  Klei has taken time for a great stylized art and wonderful animation. While playing Shank there were no jumping, skips, or whatever, that tells you the animation that Klei Entertainment did was done right. Also, another thing that stands out is that Shank being a 2D game has really well done lighting effects that pop. Besides looking amazing, the fights and boss battles are fun and satisfying with every boss having a little trick to defeat them.

After the game is done the extras make you want to play it over and over again. One of the extras I am talking about is costume changes to Shank. (One reminds me of Bruce Lee) The moves are the same, Shank just looks different.

When all is said and done, Shank is a great new age game with an old school game feel, which works swimmingly. So until next time never stop playing.


By: Korey Blaylock


Release Date: May 26, 2009
Genre: Action
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Sucker Punch




Infamous 2
Release Date: June 7, 2011
Genre: Action
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Sucker Punch



This time around, I will be talking about two games rather than just one. Infamous and Infamous 2 are the two games on the menu, first course is Infamous; the game is a blast. It has a great story, amazing graphics, and the game is packed full of action. The best feature of Infamous is the story and the amazing artwork which plays out like a comic book.

You play as Cole MacGrath a bike massager that gets blamed for a huge explosion in Empire City that kills many people and as a result gives Cole super powers. Cole, not only being a super human, also has control over electricity. Now that you are ready to play it’s you verses Empire City (which reminds me a lot of New York) with people trying to kill you at every turn and the city having power outages which leave you with no way to heal yourself; you will die a lot in this game. Which is okay because dieing doesn’t count against you, which let’s you feel that it is okay to try things you normally wouldn’t in a video game.

Infamous is an open game giving you side missions that help you upgrade your powers or you can just do missions that push you through the main story; it’s totally up to you. Infamous is a great game with very few problems, but the problems frustrate me big time. Every so often you will be racing to get from point A to point B, and yes there is a time limit. While in the middle of trying to finish a race you will get stuck by grabbing on to corners of roofs etc… it drove me crazy. The other problem is enemies come from places you just walked through without warning and it always happens when your energy is low. Also once in awhile I will find myself passing through a building next to the explosion site, but every game comes with a few bugs here and there. However Sucker Punch fixes all those problems in Infamous 2, a game even better than the first. Once again its Cole MacGrath verses a new city called New Marais which looks and feels a lot like New Orleans. A new environment doesn’t change the over all game play that carries over from the first game. Infamous 2 has the same powers that were in the first Infamous game but with a few new powers and upgrades to the old ones to boot.

The great thing about Infamous 2, is gamers that liked the first one will love the second one. The story continues from the first with Cole ready for a fight this time taking on the Beast. I played a lot of games and I think it’s cool when the first person you fight in the beginning of the game will be the last you fight in the end of the game. (I love foreshadowing).

Another welcome change is that Cole meets new people (Nix and Kuo) who also have powers of their own. It is okay to make new friends, right? I don’t want to tell you the whole story of the two games because it will be like telling the ending to a person reading a great book, and I will not do that to you. All I will say is that the two games are worth the money especially now that both games are being sold at a low price. But if the price alone doesn’t make you want to buy, I saved the best information about the two games for last. Each game really is two games in one because a player has the choice of playing the game as the Hero or Villain. You may do the same missions but the story changes a great deal, also the special abilities and upgrades are different, which changes the game play. So my opinion on Infamous and Infamous 2 is BUY if not for the cheap price but for the great game play and amazing story. So until next time never stop playing!

By: Korey Blaylock


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