Though we do not have any current needs the following professionals may submit their resumes for future consideration:

Broadband System Engineer/Architect

· Expert in 3G and Internet Protocol (IP) technologies for IEEE 802.16 mobile systems.

Hardware Designer

· Expert in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design.

RF Engineer

· Expert in Radio Frequency (RF) design, IEEE 802.16 air interface, and antenna design.

Audio Engineer

· Expert in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and audio processing.

Software Engineer - OS/VoiceCmd/MediaPlayer/Browser

· Expert in mobile Operating System (OS), and application program interface (API). Knowledge of voice command systems.

Software Engineer - Display/WiMAX/WiFi/USB/Audio/Drivers

· Expert in device driver software development.

Software Engineer - MusicLibrary/OLTP

· Expert in Data Base (DB) application development.

Software Engineer - TCP/IP

· Expert in Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) for mobile systems.

Diagnostic Software Engineer

· Expert in system bring-up, exercising, and validation system behavior.

DSP Software Engineer

· Expert in audio processing.

Mechanical Engineer

· Expert in analysis, design, and manufacturing of hand held enclosures.

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