It is our senses that make life interesting: with them we engage with our environment and develop experiences and memories that may last a lifetime. There are a number of senses, not just the five, and each of us has sensory receptors, synapses, and neurons to let our brains experience life. Taking life's stimuli and delivering them through electronic devices is what we do.

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Sensory Acumen is a Roy L. Clay Technology Pinnacle award winner January 2016.

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Corporate Information

Sensory Acumen, Inc. is engaged in the development and deployment of technologies that will enhance the consumer experience in emerging areas like mobility and interactive media.

We provide engaging consumer electronics and related services to the end user as well as OEM to related product manufacturers. The company is part of the Clearwire WiMAX Developer Program in the Bay Area.

The company is incorporated in the state of Delaware with an office in California and plans to open a facility in North Carolina.

A company with a conscience!


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